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We believe in open and honest communication, sharing all relevant information without any hidden charges

End-to-End Support

Offering comprehensive guidance throughout the entire process—from Screening and Documentation to Interview, Placement, and Visa & Immigration

Government Partnerships

Proud partners with government agencies and organizations, including collaborations such as MoUs with the Government of India and Skill Councils (NSDC and NSDCI).

Global Presence

Operating in over 50 countries, our extensive network connects you with diverse opportunities and a multicultural team to cater to your needs

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With a successful history, we've placed over 25,000 candidates across various industries, helping them achieve their career goals

Skilling Services

Offering programs to enhance competencies and employability across various domains and skills

Communication and Updates

Keeping you informed at every step of your job search and placement journey through clear and frequent communication

Personalized Career Guidance

Tailoring our services to match your unique profile, goals, and aspirations, we provide personalized guidance to help you make informed decisions for your career



Two rounds of interviews conducted by our team to screen and shortlist based on customer requirements


Verification of required documents and providing support to rectify any discrepancies


Preparation as per employer's standards and organizing video/physical interviews with potential employers


Issuing offer letters and facilitating work permits.


Collaborating on the visa process with the final employer and providing a one-way ticket to Europe with transit insurance


Current Openings

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  • Trailer/Truck Driver
  • Welders
  • Scaffolding
  • Plumbers
  • Electrician
  • Aluminum Fabricator
  • Shop-Floor Operators
  • Automotive Operators
  • Nurse

Our Testimonials

Successful Drivers in the Spotlight


We are partners of NSDC and NDSCI to support skilling and international placements of Indian talent. We are also working closely together to set up international driver training institutes in India based on international standards, with appropriate tracks, regulations, equipment, simulators, training, and other requirements.


Our partnership with LTSU allows us to assess the English proficiency of candidates according to Cambridge standards and provide language training to ensure they meet the necessary language requirements for global employment opportunities.


Our partnership with One Vasco enables us to provide a seamless documentation, visa, and immigration process for our employers and candidates. We have collaborated with them to develop an airtight process to offer end-to-end support to candidates, from screening to documentation and departure.