Talent that delivers

The world faces a shortage of 2.6 million truck drivers, which can be filled by highly skilled truck drivers from the Indian subcontinent.

At AnywhereJobs, we have a highly experienced founding team with over a decade of logistics industry experience. We have successfully hired and trained over 25,000 trailer drivers, making us exceptionally qualified to fulfill the global demand for skilled trailer drivers from the Indian subcontinent. Our expertise enables us to source, train, and place top-tier trailer drivers, ensuring the highest quality standards are met for global employers.

The AnywhereJobs

Our team of expert recruiters will work closely with you to find the right person to fit your organization’s needs.

  • Anywhere Jobs sources Expert Drivers with a minimum of 3+ years of hands-on experience in driving 12/14 wheeler trailers.

  • Candidates with International Driving Proficiency and demonstrate expertise in left-hand driving, particularly in regions like Gulf countries.

  • We ensure our trailer drivers have basic proficiency in English, covering speaking, reading, and writing.

  • Physical and Video interviews with employers.

  • Industry specific training such as Code 95.

Our Process & Approach


• 2 rounds of interviews conducted by our team to screen and shortlist.


• English proficiency: speaking, reading & writing.
• Trailer driver training.


• Verification of required documents.
• Providing support to rectify documents.


• Interview preparation as per employer's standards.
• Organizing video/physical interviews with potential employers.


• Offer Letter
• Work Permit


• Visa process in partnership with VFS Global.

Client's Testimonial

Our experience with AnywhereJobs for truck driver recruitment from India and Gulf countries has been very good. They are a professional and committed team. We like the drivers they shortlist and theirability to work with us closely on assessments and documentation.

Lithuanian Transport Company with 1000+ Trucks

We are very happy working with AnywhereJobs for driver recruitment for our cold chain trucks.We've hired 60+drivers so far and will collaborate more in the future. They havea hard-working team that's very transparent about everythingand have a great approach to solving any issues that come up.

Denmark Transport Company

We have worked extensively with AnywhereJobs this year for hiring drivers from India. We also collaborate with them to start a Code-95 school in Rajasthan, India. Their partnerships with NSDC (Government of India's eminent skilling org.) & VFS Global help create an efficient recruitment process for highly skilled trailer drivers.

Lithuanian Transport Company

We come from an experience of driving numerous interventions to uplift the lives of truck drivers in India

Our founder Deepak Garg is a visionary thinker and a passionate entrepreneur who brought disruptive, global-first ideas in transport and logistics Industry in India. He founded and led Rivigo to become India’s fastest growing express transport company in a short span of time. Rivigo’s vision was to make logistics human through relay trucking, making every truck driver come home to their families every day while improving truck miles by 2X and reducing long distance TAT by 50%. Glimpses of our impact are captured in our pilot stories and our book, Not The 37th Caste, which showcase the life-changing experiences of Rivigo relay truck drivers.