Making India the global skill capital

AnywhereJobs is a skilling and employment platform with a vision to unlock global opportunities for skilled Indians. While the world needs 300 million youth over the next decade to overcome the ageing problem, India has a potential demographic dividend of 300 million young people over the next decade who need meaningful employment opportunities.

At AnywhereJobs, we envision bridging this gap by providing deep and immersive skilling, language and cultural orientation, and handholding Indian youth through the placement and immigration process.

Our purpose is to make India the global skill capital

Our Vision

To skill 10 million Indian youth and connect them to high quality global employment opportunities

Our Mission

Bridging the employment gap in the world by connecting global employers to skilled Indian youth through training and placement interventions

The world is witnessing a shortage of 2.6 million truck drivers, which can be fulfilled by India’s supply of high skilled truck drivers

According to IRU, the world is witnessing a shortage of 2.6 million truck drivers. Developed economies that are bearing the brunt of this shortage are also facing the threat of an ageing population, with 35% of truck drivers in Europe being over 55 years old and less than 7% below the age of 25. Meanwhile, the American Trucking Association has also reported a shortage of over 80,000 truck drivers, a number that is expected to cross 160,000 by 2030, with the majority of American truck drivers being in their late 40s.

On the other hand, India’s demographic dividend is peaking with globally the highest share in terms of working-age population and will continue to to be young nation for the next 50 years. Median age in India is 29 years. 

With millions of highly skilled truck drivers, India is uniquely positioned to address the global truck driver shortage through skilling and training interventions including trailer driving, left-hand driving, international safety standards, language proficiency, and cultural orientation.

At AnywhereJobs, we have a highly experienced founding team with over a decade of logistics industry experience. We have successfully hired and trained over 25,000 truck drivers, making us exceptionally qualified to fulfill the global demand for skilled truck drivers from India. Our expertise enables us to source, train, and place top-tier truck drivers, ensuring the highest quality standards are met for global employers.


Deepak is a visionary thinker and a passionate entrepreneur who brought disruptive, global-first ideas in transport and logistics Industry in India. He founded and led Rivigo to become India’s fastest growing express transport company in a short span of time. 

Rivigo is famously known for its relay trucking model, truck pilot-first approach and unprecedented delivery times in the Indian logistics sector. He is passionate about building innovative technology products which can make life more human.

He has won several awards – Economic Times 40 under 40, Fortune 40 under 40, TVS Entrepreneur of the Year Award, Marico Innovation Foundation Award and Distinguished Alumnus Award from IIT Kanpur.

He is deeply involved in the start up ecosystem of India and member of the National Start Up Advisory Council under the Chairmanship of Sh. Piyush Goyal, Minister of Commerce and Industry. He has been invited by GOI and private institutions to share ideas and speak on various national forums with respect to economy, jobs, supply chain and technology.

Deepak has now founded AnywhereJobs platform to solve the unemployment problem in India and ageing issue in the developed economies by bridging the gap through skilling and placements.

Our Partners

National Skill Development Corporation

Skilling & Training Partners

We are partners of NSDC and NDSCI to support skilling and international placements of Indian truck drivers. We are also working closely together to set up international driver training institutes in India based on international standards, with appropriate tracks, regulations, equipment, simulators, training, and other requirements.

Lamrin Tech Skills University (Cambridge)

Skilling & Training Partners

Our partnership with LTSU allows us to assess the English proficiency of candidates according to Cambridge standards and provide language training to ensure they meet the necessary language requirements for global employment opportunities. 

One Vasco (VFS Global)

Immigration Partners

Our partnership with One Vasco enables us to provide a seamless documentation, visa, and immigration process for our employers and candidates. We have collaborated with them to develop an airtight process to offer end-to-end support to candidates, from screening to documentation and departure.