‘Ausbildung’ in German translates to ‘apprenticeship’ or ‘vocational training’ in English. The program seamlessly integrates practical on-the-job training with theoretical classroom instruction, providing a holistic learning experience.

Successful completion of the training opens doors to a full-time job opportunity. Additionally, candidates can apply for permanent residency (PR) and then citizenship after 5 years of participation in the program.

Differentiated Capability for Talent Sourcing and Upskilling for Ausbildung
With over a decade of experience in professional recruitment, we offer valuable insights and industry knowledge.
Our dedicated team of 50+ professionals, equipped with a robust network, ensures a seamless and efficient talent sourcing process.
Having identified, trained, and successfully placed over 1000+professionals across the EU, we demonstrate practical experience and effectiveness.
Our specialized training team, led by native German trainers, prioritizes language proficiency, cultural integration, and skill enhancement for a comprehensive Ausbildung experience.
We implement rigorous assessments to ensure the attainment of German proficiency levels.
Our curriculum is tailored for accelerated learning and retention, encompassing program delivery in German, mock work situations, and role plays.

Our Process and Approach


Register for the program and submit the required documents for verification

Interview with German Employer

If eligibility criteria are met, an interview with a German Employer will be arranged

German Language Training

Successfully complete training up to B1 level, with assistance provided in assessments

Visa Processing

Upon reaching B1 level, commence the visa process and assistance provided with all necessary information for travel to Germany

Job Offer

Successful interview leads to a conditional job offer and immigration to EU

Our Distinctive Features

  • Validated international employers & jobs.

  • Pre-placement with conditional offer letters from German employers

  • Employer interactions and cultural immersion training

  • Certified German trainers for coaching and mentoring

Strong German Language Training Capability

Fully residential program based in Delhi and other cities.

Experienced native German language experts integral to the training team.

Tailored for accelerated learning and retention, including program delivery in German, mock work situations, and role plays.

Rigorous assessments are implemented to ensure proficiency levels are achieved.