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The world is witnessing a shortage of 2.6 million truck drivers, which can be fulfilled by India’s supply of high skilled truck drivers

According to IRU, the world is witnessing a shortage of 2.6 million truck drivers. Developed economies that are bearing the brunt of this shortage are also facing the threat of an ageing population, with 35% of truck drivers in Europe being over 55 years old and less than 7% below the age of 25. Meanwhile, the American Trucking Association has also reported a shortage of over 80,000 truck drivers, a number that is expected to cross 160,000 by 2030, with the majority of American truck drivers being in their late 40s. 

On the other hand, India’s demographic dividend is peaking with globally the highest share in terms of working-age population, and will continue to enjoy the benefit at a ratio of 54% till 2056. With millions of highly skilled truck drivers, India is uniquely positioned to address the global truck driver shortage through skilling and training interventions including trailer driving, left-hand driving, international safety standards, language proficiency, and cultural orientation.

At AnywhereJobs, we have a highly experienced founding team with over a decade of logistics industry experience. We have successfully hired and trained over 25,000 truck drivers, making us exceptionally qualified to fulfill the global demand for skilled truck drivers from India. Our expertise enables us to source, train, and place top-tier truck drivers, ensuring the highest quality standards are met for global employers.

Our current focus is on solving the global skill shortage of truck drivers and helping Indian truck drivers upskill and find meaningful, high quality global opportunities.

We are a full stack service provider of skill assessments, skilling, placement, and immigration advisory. We work with global employers and help them find the right talent to address their skill shortage. On the other side, we help young Indians to skill them and connect them to global opportunities while handholding them through immigration and cultural adaptation.


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