A skilling and employment platform with a vision to unlock global opportunities for skilled Indians

Our power is in our people

AnywhereJobs is a unique skilling and employment platform that is revolutionizing the lives of Indian truck drivers by providing them with opportunities to upskill and find international job opportunities. Our team consists of experienced professionals who have worked with over 25,000 truck drivers across India, training them on driving, technology enablement, cultural immersion, and interpersonal skills. Currently, we are focused on solving the challenge faced by European fleet owners in finding reliable and competent truck drivers. 

Through our training and placement initiatives, we are connecting skilled Indian drivers with opportunities in places like Europe, thereby making India the global skill capital. Our founders have extensive experience in the logistics industry, having founded Rivigo, a leading trucking and transportation company in India. With a decade of experience in the industry and a drive to uplift the truck driver community, AnywhereJobs is committed to achieving its purpose of connecting Indian truck drivers with international job opportunities and improving their lives.

Why Europe

Better earnings, more savings

Probation/training period

Up to 1,500 Euro (₹1.5 lakh) per month

Post training, in a single driver job

Up to 2,500 Euro (₹2.5 lakh) per month (based on performance of fuel mileage and KMs driven)

Expenses & Savings

Food expenses are around 300-400 Euro (₹27,000-35,000) per month, so drivers can save more than 2,000 Euro (₹1.8 to 2 lakh) per month

Who is the right truck driver for European fleet owners

We come from an experience of driving numerous interventions to uplift the lives of truck drivers in India

Rivigo’s vision was to make logistics human through relay trucking, making every truck driver come home to their families every day while improve truck miles by 2X and reducing long distance TAT by 50%. Glimpses of our impact are captured in our pilot stories and our book, Not The 37th Caste, which showcase the life-changing experiences of Rivigo relay truck drivers.

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